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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Sandbox

4th Dimension Bioprocess, Inc is establishing a unique Advanced Manufacturing Technology Sandbox™.  The Sandbox is an industry-based community of practice and testbed for new equipment, software and approaches. Establishing a process development version of our Manufacturing platform, the MabFab™, an automated, single use, continuous bioprocessing manufacturing platform, we will innovate in areas necessary to accelerate biopharma’s wide adoption of intensified, continuous processes for biologics. These projects may include but are not limited to at-line and on-line assays, sensor integration, data analytics techniques to monitor CQAs throughout the process, the use of machine learning, statistical methods and eventually integrated product release testing, allowing for real time release and end to end automated  24/7 biomanufacturing capacity.

Operationally, the Advance Technology Manufacturing sandbox remains separate from the CDMO service business yet interactive in its flow of ideas and testing of new technology and approaches. Using our approach, innovator companies and biosimilar companies will gain access to the knowledge base established, as will all sandbox participants. 4th Dimension, through its unique collaborations, will continue to innovate to help move the Biopharma industry toward the FDA stated goal of streamlining and modernizing biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The 4D Sandbox will produce scientifically sound white papers on topics of interest to the continuous biomanufacturing community and will be the center of a continuous processing “community of practice” knowledge base. Three distinct types of engagement are possible with the 4D sandbox:

  • For established industry suppliers: we offer a continuous showcase for your equipment and project-based access to our test bed environment. The sandbox is an open visitation site for the industry in the Boston area and will communicate regularly to its members.

  • For biopharmaceutical & biosimilar companies: for those interested in implementing a test of a continuous process or to acquire knowledge and training necessary to successfully implement and transfer a continuous process to their manufacturing networks.

  • For emerging technology companies and academic collaborators: use of the test bed for evaluation and assessment of cutting-edge ideas at early stages to gain experience and product development direction and applications know how crucial to continuous biomanufacturing

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Our 4D Technology Sandbox is expanding for those interested in continuous bioprocessing innovation, integration and partnerships. If you are interested in participating or hearing more please send a note.

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