Hero for Fourth Dimension Bioprocess
How to plan and succeed in
bioprocessing’s changing landscape.

Find out how we dramatically impact the timeline of producing clinical stage
drugs and reduce the time to deliver new, potentially life saving therapies to patients.

4th Dimension Bioprocess, Inc. is pleased to announce we’ve  joined National Resilience, Inc.

We will continue and expand our efforts in continuous manufacturing as we join in the quest to change the future of medicine through manufacturing innovation

Hero for Fourth Dimension Bioprocess

Our Vision


Our aim is to streamline the delivery of new, lifesaving therapies to patients by providing high quality services enabled by robust continuous manufacturing platforms. 4th Dimension Bioprocess, Inc, is a new breed of CDMO applying production line thinking, quality integration and the extensive use of automation to shorten your time to clinic. We’re creating the operational blueprint for the future.

Our Team


Lynne Frick


Expertise in start up management, corporate development, business & technology development, marketing & sales. 

Tom Ransohoff​


Broad expertise in CMC, regulatory support of  biopharmaceutical products; cGMP manufacturing; and management of technology-based start-up ventures.

Peter Rock


Experience with angel and VC funded start ups in biopharma, medical devices and tools.


Greg Zarbis-Papastoitsis


Dr. Greg Zarbis-Papastoitsis is the EVP of Process and Manufacturing sciences at Ankyra Therapeutics, an immuno-oncology company.

4th Dimension Bioprocess, Inc is establishing a unique Advanced Manufacturing Technology Sandbox™.  The Sandbox is an industry-based community of practice and testbed for new equipment, software and approaches. Establishing a process development version of our Manufacturing platform, the MabFab™, an automated, single use, continuous bioprocessing manufacturing platform, we will innovate in areas necessary to accelerate biopharma’s wide adoption of intensified, continuous processes for biologics. These projects may include but are not limited to at-line and on-line assays, sensor integration, data analytics techniques to monitor CQAs throughout the process, the use of machine learning, statistical methods and eventually integrated product release testing, allowing for real time release and end to end automated  24/7 biomanufacturing capacity.

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